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Silicon Decision Co.: virtual STP - STS approach, 5-25 March 2015, System Architecture - iMazd Lab
MixofTix Developers Network: initiate patch center, 10-27 February 2014, System Implementation - iMazd Lab
Silicon Decision Co.: attending for presentation at ASPA-IASP joint conference, 22-24 November 2011, Isfahan - Iran
Shahin Noursalehi: paper publish - integrated CSR in SCM, 7 July 2011, Shiraz University - Iran

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Arash Token , the first multi-function air-gap token

A one-time password (OTP) is a password that is valid for only one login session or transaction. OTPs avoid a number of shortcomings that are associated with traditional (static) passwords. The most important shortcoming that is addressed by OTPs is that, in contrast to static passwords, they are not vulnerable to replay attacks.
RFC 4226: page 2 - At the same time, the current approach that requires an end user to carry an expensive, single-function device that is only used to authenticate to the network is clearly not the right answer.
Arash Token is about a new topology for security requirements in cloud. The invented token system provides a new use case to merge down Being Air-Gap and working asymmetric at the same time without any dependencies to the client side. which means you now only need to carry one token device that is multi-function and could be used to authenticate in several DMZ areas.


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